Hot flashes are one of those little "perks" of being female and of a certain age. I've been having them on and off for several years. When they started it was once a year for a couple of years. Then they were twice a year. Now it is a free for all. I'm trying to look on the positive side with this cold weather. I'm hoping they get in sync with the cold weather we are having so I can run outside. I normally do not like cold weather running. But when I go thermal-nuclear like I can with these, 0 degrees is refreshing.
Once I decided to run, it took me 6 months to put on my shoes. That first run was 11 min - 10 minutes longer than if I didn't have friends around. I probably only covered the distance of a block. I wanted to throw up with every step. Running was not love at first sight for me. A few years later, 7 marathons, 22 half marathons and 4 half-ironman events. 

I believe everyone should move more than the day before. With each additional step you are closer to a healthier you inside and out.
A few years ago, I couldn't run the length of 3 houses in my neighborhood. I was over 40, over weight and overwhelmed at how to change the path I found myself. Every year on New Year's Eve, I made the same resolution. This was going to be the year I got fit and health. Every year I was gung-ho...for a month...tops. The year I turned 40 when I finally took a step toward a different path. In the time since, I've run 7 marathons, 22 half-marathons and 4 half-ironman events. Let this year be the year your New Year's Resolutions come true.